Machmer MEdia


 Founded by Tessa and Jacob Machmer, we are driven with a passion to tell your story by infusing artistic elegance into commercial spaces, individual's endeavors and personal moments. Machmer Media specializes in creating and delivering true-to-life visuals that elevate businesses and people.

Before starting the business, our journey began on the stage as performing artists. We have performed, choreographed and taught in cities across the country and globe, bringing us to Rome, Italy, San Francisco, Irvine, Tucson, Phoenix, and Nashville. Together we hold an MFA and BFA in dance and have performed professionally with the Nashville Ballet, Hannah Kahn Dance Company, and now have the pleasure of dancing with our favorite people in IMPACT Dance.

 Having backgrounds in the performing arts has inspired us to bring a unique perspective to the world of visual storytelling. We leverage expertise from our dance and choreography background to guide you through a journey that seamlessly blends natural authenticity with structural finesse. Transitioning from the stage to the lens, Machmer Media is committed to crafting compelling images and videos that not only reflect the authenticity of your brand but also resonates with genuine emotion. Our collaborative approach ensures that the visuals we create for you are not just pictures but a true representation of your identity, brand, or business.

It's really all about you, but these are a few things that make us tick...


Fact 1

We both love riding our bikes, playing darts and drinking coffee and craft beer. That said, we don't stray too far away from the typical Fort Collins stereotype.


Fact 2

Tessa loves when the clock reads 12:34 and Jacob loves palindromes. Just a weird little quirk.


Fact 3

If it wasn't already obvious, we love dancing and believe it's the best way to loosen up before getting in front of the camera.


Fact 4

We love to see YOU happy.